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Best Friend: Noiz giving Clear a few simple piercings(ears and such) and Clear stealing Noiz’s earrings and wearing them to annoy him, but Noiz just finds it incredibly endearing.
Me: ouo
Best Friend: Clear deliberately stealing all the pillows so Noiz will have to use him as a pillow.
Me: -flails-
Me: Clear cutting Noiz open to inspect a Human heart.

If this was Green, Noiz would be all over it.


"One Kiss…"

By: me~ (- w -)~


An idea I’d toyed with for a WIP fan game was Koujaku’s hair ornament actually being the neck of his mom’s shamisen. When he was going berserk after getting his tattoos, she was sent by survivors to calm him down, and tried to do so by playing his favourite song. It goes about as well as expected. Actual shamisen necks are much bigger afaik, so that idea seems unlikely.

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kishi if you need to talk about anything, i'm here. we miss you already. :)

I don’t see why you’d miss me, I hardly talked but… Thanks.

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"God just shut up. How the hell can you say all that embarrassing shit?! I'll give you tosses and anything else you want. So just.. pipe down."
"...Geez its not like his heart is any quieter"

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